The Struggles on My Fitness Journey

No one’s journey is easy.

I went from being a year-round athlete in high school to being sick in bed for months and losing my muscle mass.

I spent a gap year overcoming that obstacle and lifting weights so I’d never look like that again.

I went from working out over an hour a day, to rarely working out when I resumed school. 

Then I had my gallbladder removed suddenly.

I started running on the treadmill while feeling miserable for an entire semester, then got sick again for months.

When I say I understand your inconsistency, the struggle of showing up overtime, and the frustration, it’s because I’ve been there. 

I’ve had my dream body before and lost it. Multiple times.

But my journey is what’s made me who I am, and why I’m so passionate about coaching others to find consistency too.

I know it’s frustrating. I know it’s hard. I know you’re busy. But if I’ve learned anything it’s to keep showing up and get back up when you’re knocked down, because you only fail when you give up!

What obstacles have you had to overcome?

(The photo on the left was taken my senior year of high school after I’d been sick for months. The photo on the right was taken this past May.)

Does it Really Matter to You?

“I don’t have time”, ”I’m tired”, “I can do it later”, were just a few things I’d tell myself when I thought about working out.

But in reality they were just excuses cloaking the fact that working out wasn’t a priority. I didn’t want it enough.

I said I wanted to be fit, but I didn’t stay consistent enough or do anything different to make it happen. Actions will always speak louder than words.

Do you use excuses to avoid doing things that would benefit you?

How to Change your Life

It’s the small, daily changes we make that change our lives.

Trying to save $10,000? Start by saving $4/day (your morning coffee).

Want to run a marathon? Start by walking a mile a day.

Want to eat healthier? Start by removing soda from your diet.

I’ve always believed you’re more likely to stick with something if you take it gradually, so what’s the first small step you’re going to take to start moving towards your goal?

Why our Marriage and Wedding were Different

One year since we celebrated.

Two years of marriage.

Eight years of long distance.

Ten years together.

When we got married in 2018 and celebrated it a year later, it was unusual. Due to Marcus’s job, we didn’t have time to plan a celebration before he left, but we wanted to close the distance for good (as much as a couple can, anyway, when he travels bi-weekly for work).

Now because of COVID, I think more people are considering this as an option, so I wanted to share some of our thoughts from the experience.

We felt that already being married for the wedding relieved some stress we might have felt, had we not already been married.

To us, marriage is the important part, and the wedding is an extra bonus. 

Luckily, our wedding, and all the planning, went pretty smoothly (even with me overseas part of the time), but I did need to remind myself occasionally that it’s just a celebration. Having the marriage and the wedding separate helped me differentiate the two. The celebration isn’t an indicator of our love for each other or the successfulness of our future marriage. Reminding myself of these facts allowed me to let go of some stress and fully appreciate the day.

Have you, or have you considered, getting married and celebrating it later?

How We’re Surviving Quarantine Together

This is by far the longest we’ve been together “non-stop”. We’re used to long distance and work-related travel separating us frequently, so Corona has been a blessing and honestly a bit of an adjustment.

One thing I’ve found to be super important is for each of us to have our own things to keep us busy and entertained. Especially since we’re together all day, every day, having even just some mental space or focusing on separate tasks has helped keep us sane lately.

If you’re living together, how are you handling the extra time together? What’s helped you handle the adjustment?

No Makeup Mondays

In high school my friends and I used to do “no makeup Mondays”. It was a way to embrace our natural beauty (and save ourselves time in the morning!).

Admittedly, I only wore mascara most days (that’s still the case, or at least was before quarantine), but I loved going natural once a week to show my body some love & encourage others to love their natural selves. 

Remember, God made you in his image. You are beautiful. If someone doesn’t see that, they don’t deserve you or your time!

Would you consider doing no makeup Mondays?

Be Proactive

I have news for you-

If you’re waiting, there will NEVER be a “perfect” day to workout. You’ll always find something else to fill that time instead.

You need to be proactive. Schedule it into your day. Be willing to make a sacrifice to get it done- the other day I left a brunch early to fit my workout in, but for you it might mean waking up early, working out during your lunch break, or going to the gym after work before heading home.

We make time for what’s important to us; if you want it, make it happen.

When have you found you’re able to fit your workout in?

Have you heard of Sandra Bland?

Institutional racism has been happening for all of America’s history, and yet I was oblivious to it until fairly recently. Even after I started dating Marcus, I wasn’t aware how much African Americans go through in this country.

This was especially obvious to me when I rented “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell a few days ago. I was simply looking for a book to help my socially-awkward self get better at, well, talking to strangers. 

Instead, he started out by re-telling Sandra Bland’s story from 2015- a woman who’s name I vaguely remembered but don’t think I’d ever actually heard her story, at least not as detailed as he told it.

Basically though, Sandra, an African American female, was a civil rights activist. In 2015, she was pulled over for failing to use her blinker when she changed lanes. (How many of you can honestly say you use your blinker everytime you change lanes?) The situation escalated and she ended up being taken into police custody. Three days later she was found dead in her cell. It was ruled a suicide.

A similar traffic stop for me would have resulted in a simple warning, with me heading on my way. For Sandra, it cost her jail time & her life.

That’s white privilege.

My Current Eating Habits

I’m going to be honest- my nutrition has been a STRUGGLE BUS lately; between all the moving and now only having a hotel-type kitchen & no pots (if you didn’t catch my story about that, we moved twice the end of June & ended up in a smaller/cheaper spot with a tiny kitchen.)

Anyway- we’re also super close to all the waterfront restaurants so I was enjoying eating out & perfectly content avoiding using our kitchen for the most part.

Let me tell you though, only 10 days in and I’m so over eating out! My body’s craving vegetables, my digestion is horrible (I swear I can feel all the grease), and I’m bloated.

I really spoiled my body eating better this past winter and looks like there’s no going back now!

So tomorrow I’m going on a hunt for cheap pots and grocery shopping!

Do you have any easy/summer-friendly recipes you love?? Help your girl out & drop them below!

Music & Workouts

Music is one of my secrets to success; it pumps me up and gives me something to focus on, especially when I need to push myself. (If you need a workout playlist, you can access mine for free on Spotify- link in my bio!)

I got these results from doing a 2 month-long program set to the beat of the music!

Working out with appropriate beats sounded nice but I didn’t realize how effective it would be in a program! I really pushed myself to stay on beat, which kept me from rushing through moves (like I always do) or slowing down to skimp on some reps.

I pushed myself harder during this program than I ever have before, and I’d say it shows!

Now that I’ve done this program, I’m extra excited for our newest program that’s also set to the beat of the music! 

Not only that, but it’s a fast-paced lifting program (right up my alley!), focused on building muscle & burning fat in just 25-35 minutes/day!

I’ll be doing it with a small group of ladies (the ultimate accountability!) & I’d love to have you join us! Prep week starts July 20- comment below if you want more details!

(Full transparency: These photos are taken closer to 3 months apart because I took my “before” photo a bit before the program started, and was late taking my “after” photo due to all of the moving we did recently. Regardless, I got these results from about 60 days of working out.)